Mara Leisure Camp…Masai Mara

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Good Evening peeps…..

11/04/2019 #17

Mara Leisure Camp is located within one of the most spectacular locations in the entire Masai Mara Game Reserve. One of the most exciting spectacles in the world is that of the ‘Great Migration’, where two million wildebeest, zebras, and another Wildlife pass through the Masai Mara/Serengeti ecosystem in Kenya and Tanzania. This is a perilous migration for the animals, where they encounter many river crossings and have to run the gauntlet of crocodiles in waiting.… Read more...


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Good Evening peeps……

4/4/2019 #16

I was watching a series last night about couples fighting for a divorce who have a teenage boy. So the story goes like this.

They had partitioned their house both leaving different sides of the house with electric boundary in the house where any partner crosses the other partner’s side the alarm goes on.

They were fighting a dirty battle and the only people benefiting from this were the lawyers and they neglected their son completely….Read more...

You Either Win or Learn But you Never Loose……

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06/03/2019 #12

Good Evening Peeps….

Last month, I was proud to be chosen as the best anchor male for the TAWA AWARDS. The awards are everything talent could want. The Award ceremony was so nicely decorated and well organized. I Felt like being was in IIFA or OSCARS. Thank you to the whole Asian Weekly and Tawaa Team.

It was like a dream come true.…

Maintaining full time job and blogging.

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Good Evening peeps…..

27/02/2019 #11

Hello Everyone, Thank you for the love and support you showed in the past blogs. Really makes me feel special thanks so much. I have been asked several times if I get paid by blogging and if that is my full-time job?

Well my answer would be NO, I am not a full-time blogger, I do work from 8 to 5 and blogging I usually do at night.… Read more...

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage ???????

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Good Evening peeps

20/02/2019 #10

Today’s topic, Might bring a lot of questions. I am doing this for one of my reader i cannot bring out the name but her life is totally messed up. The reason being , She followed her heart and went against her parents and ended up doing love marriage. She basically stays in Europe and she cannot go back to India.… Read more...


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Good Evening Peeps……..

14/02/2019 #9

Happy valentine day to all celebrating, Everybody has their own way of celebrating valentine’s day. We all know valentine day is a symbol of showing love it does not really matter who you are celebrating love with, It can be your wife, girlfriend friend or family members. What i feel about valentine is why show love on one single day???… Read more...


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5/02/2019 #07

Good Evening peeps

When I was growing up, Lol am yet growing , I had a lot of opinions about what other people needed to change.

“Why can’t people stop littering any where they feel like?” “Why can’t people stop spitting on the wall?” “Why can’t so-and-so stop being so annoying?”


I started realizing that as I focused on all of the things that others needed to do in this world, I was forgetting that i do have my own flaws and failures and the annoying moments.… Read more...

Begin today, right now

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28/01/2019 #6

Good Evening peeps,

There is no better time to live your heart’s passion than right now. When the nudge you feel is beginning to pull you in the direction of your life’s purpose and your inner wisdom is telling you to go; then trust and let go.

In today’s life , We all want to be successful. But success does not just come that easily.… Read more...


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Good evening peeps

25/01/2019 #5

When it comes to traveling, some people pick their destinations according to their secret passions such as food, hiking, photography, etc.

Today am going to talk about my recent travel, small town in the heart of kenya called nyeri.

i would say this was one of the best journey i had with my family and friends.The place we stayed in was called GIRAFFE ARK which is few kilometers from Nyeri town few hours from Nairobi.… Read more...


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Good Evening Peeps,

22/01/2019 #04

Success is always within your reach, even if it might feel far away,

That’s what i believe.

I am so much overwhelmed with the emails phones and messages regarding the blogs.

I never thought the outcome will be all this.I know i have been saying the same thing in my blogs but once again thank you much for the love.Read more...