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Father And Son Relation….

Good Evening Peeps..... 20/03/2019 #14 When I and my wife welcomed the bundle of joy and began the journey of a lifetime, we did not realize how our roles will change as the year’s progress. Our life changed, and a new experience began. I used to be an outgoing person and a party animal. Is… Continue reading Father And Son Relation….

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Everyone has a story to tell….

Good Evening peeps.... 13/03/2019 #13 Today's blog is #13 where most of the people fill its an unlucky number, I feel it is just a number and why would it be an unlucky number ???? Till today I have not been able to know why its called unlucky number. Since the time I started blogging,… Continue reading Everyone has a story to tell….

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Maintaining full time job and blogging.

Good Evening peeps..... 27/02/2019 #11 Hello Everyone, Thank you for the love and support you showed in the past blogs. Really makes me feel special thanks so much. I have been asked several times if I get paid by blogging and if that is my full-time job? Well my answer would be NO, I am… Continue reading Maintaining full time job and blogging.

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Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage ???????

Good Evening peeps 20/02/2019 #10 Today's topic, Might bring a lot of questions. I am doing this for one of my reader i cannot bring out the name but her life is totally messed up. The reason being , She followed her heart and went against her parents and ended up doing love marriage. She… Continue reading Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage ???????