People With Ego, Will never Accept there wrong doings…..

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Good Evening Peeps…

26/05/2020 #42

Sometimes there are people in this world who we cannot and will not ever be able to please. Sure, we might be trying as hard as we can but that doesn’t mean they’re going to accept our efforts as they should.

There are people in this world who will get angry or become distressed over the way you end up reacting to things they do and there are even people who will refuse to see that they’ve done anything wrong because their egos are so mind-blowingly huge.… Read more...

Real Love Is Pushing Someone To Do Better But Not Forcing Them To Change…

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Good Evening Peeps…

08/04/2020 #41

True love is hard to find these days. Everyone wants to fix each other and no one is accepting their partners for who they truly are.

Real love is not always roses and butterflies. It can be tremendously hard. It isn’t accepting each other in the moment, but accepting each other through life no matter how hard things get.… Read more...

Why Kind People Struggle To Be Happy……

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Good Evening Peeps…

18/03/2020 #40

We all have that one person in our lives that exemplifies everything that we know about care and compassion. They will bend over backwards in their efforts to care for others, going to extreme lengths to spread joy, happiness and love everywhere they go.

This is the person who, when they encounter someone homeless on the street stops to assist.… Read more...

The Ignored One- Childhood Emotional Support….

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Good Evening Peeps….

25/02/2020 #39

Physical abuse can leave physical scars, while emotional abuse leaves psychic ones, but what about emotional neglect? The absence of emotional support in childhood can be as damaging and long-lasting as other traumas But, because you can’t point to exactly where and when the wounding happened, it can be hard to identify and overcome it. Emotional neglect is not the same as child abuse because it is often unintentional.Read more...

Why Be Negative, When You Can Be Positive…

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Good Evening Peeps….

14/02/2020 #38

A negative attitude carries with it a lack of awareness. You’re not necessarily aware of a negative attitude permeating your outlook on life, and because of this lack of awareness, your attitude affects your interactions with other people and your interactions with yourself.

“I’m not good enough to accomplish this.”“They won’t like me. I’m too ugly to be around them.”“IRead more...

Life always gives a second chance, only if you Believe

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Good Evening Peeps….

11/12/2019 #37

Let’s admit it – ‘Life isn’t and can’t be a bed of roses’. Ups and downs, highs and lows are part of everyone’s life and honestly, these extreme conditions are the elements that make us strong and give us a push to move on in life. Often there are circumstances when things do not work in our favor and the rough phase continues for a bit too long than any of us would expect.… Read more...

Train Your Mind To Be Calm….

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Good Evening Peeps….

16/10/2019 #36

Just the other day,while driving back home, a car overtook mine.
Oh! What crazy speed…it got me super furious in a jiffy.
I chased that car…it turned into a mad race….!
I kept tailing it only to realise in next few minutes that it entered the premises of a hospital.

The driving speed n my thoughts were reduced to zero suddenly/ at once And all sorts of thoughts started running in my mind, The wrong words i used the anger the frustration i removed, i Felt like going to apologize to the person but to be honest i did not have the courage to do so but yes i learnt a very big lesson.… Read more...

Let Your Past Not Ruin Your Present….

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Good Evening Peeps

26/09/2019 #35

One of the joys of being human is that we don’t have to be perfect to be one of the good ones. At some point, we’ll all make stupid decisions, hurt the people we love, say things that are hard to take back and push too hard to get our way. None of that makes us toxic. It makes us human. WeRead more...

Never Forget Where You Came From…..

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Good Evening peeps

07/08/2019 #30

Climbing the ladder of success is not an easy task. As the famous saying of Mahatma Gandhi goes, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” However, things might change once to taste the sweet taste of success, it is important that you don’t let the air get into your head.… Read more...

Giraffe Ark Game Lodge……

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Good Evening Peeps…..

27/03/2019 #15

All travelers expectation is, wherever they are going for their holiday it needs to be one of the best time spent and have the same experience as what the website shows. With its spectacular resorts and villas that exude exclusivity, the Giraffe Ark Game Lodge is one of the finest game lodges you can experience and have a blast of a time.… Read more...