Beautiful Mombasa….

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19/09/2019 #34

Mombasa will always have a special place in my heart, The Vibes the memories and much more.

It seeps in Swahili history and there is just so much to see and do on this sun basked island.

Mombasa is a coastal city and has some lovely beaches to go and spend some time unwinding and relaxing in the sunshine.As Kenya is close to the equator it is blessed with warm weather all year around.

Mombasa’s blend of India, Arabia and Africa.

the true heart of Mombasa is found in the exotic old town, among the narrow winding streets and Arab architecture. The air here is always heavy with the scent of spices.

At the water’s edge is Fort Jesus, an imposing fort that stands watch over the harbor.

I was in Mombasa last week, Where we stayed at Kenya Bay Beach hotel. Amazing hotel with The staff at the hotel is most attentive, polite and welcoming. The food with so much choice and so tasty you really can “fill your boots” at breakfast. The rooms are clean and we had fantastic views of the Indian Ocean. Local entertainment every evening makes the stay that extra special. One thing I would say is if you are a vegetarian please do let them know from before as not much choice is available in the buffet for the vegeterians.

The rooms were clean the bathroom was amazing.

One thing I would say as a traveler if you are going for 2 or 3 nights to Mombasa do not book for a whole full package instead go for bed & breakfast as there are so many lovely places you can explore in Mombasa.

Here are some of them you would love to go and see them out ;


This 16th-century fort and Unesco World Heritage treasure is Mombasa’s most visited site. The meter-thick walls, frescoed interiors, traces of European graffiti, Arabic inscriptions and Swahili embellishment aren’t just evocative, they’re a palimpsest of Mombasa’s history and the coast writ in stone. You can climb on the battlements and explore its tree-shaded grounds.

The fort was built by the Portuguese in 1593 to serve as both symbol and headquarters of their permanent presence in this corner of the Indian Ocean. It’s ironic, then, that the construction of the fort marked the beginning of the end of local Portuguese hegemony. Between Portuguese sailors, Omani soldiers and Swahili rebellions, the fort changed hands at least nine times between 1631 and the early 1870s, when it finally fell under British control and was used as a jail; it opened as a museum in 1960.

 Stop for a selfie with ‘Pembe za ndovu’ Mombasa’s giant elephant tusks

“Are those tusks from a real elephant?” Asked my 4-year-old son. Diary of a Muzungu at ‘Pembe za ndovu’ Mombasa’s giant elephant tusks

Pembe za ndovu is the Swahili name for Mombasa’s famous elephant tusks that form an M shape across Moi Avenue. Selfies here are the classic “look at me, I’m in Mombasa” shot.

According to my Uber driver, Mombasa’s tusks (thin sheets of metal) were erected in 1956 by a European. He got the date right. The European was Princess Margaret of Great Britain who visited that year. Does the M stand for MEHUL or for Mombasa?

Explore the Old Town of Mombasa on foot

The Old Town of Mombasa is an interesting mix of narrow streets and Swahili architecture. Hire a local guide to scratch below the surface of this UNESCO-listed city. I adored the antiques and knick-knacks in the Gallery Shop, one of many curio shops. I could have spent all afternoon browsing!

More a gallery than a shop, I adored everything I saw there! AJ Gallery is a few metres from Forodhani Restaurant

Pristine white sandy beaches

Lapped by the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has an amazing shoreline with white sandy beaches stretched out from the South to the North Coast, readily accessible to all. They say life’s at ease with the ocean breeze, spending time watching the ocean can be very therapeutic, especially when you know you have the beach at your disposal any time you need to seek solace.

as I always say pictures don’t really justify you have to go and see it by your self.

Enjoy the images

Thank you if you liked it kindly do comment, If you want me to share anything kindly do let me know.

Love all 

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