Paradise Lost Kiambu,Nairobi

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14/08/2019 #31

Paradise Lost Kiambu is a place you would want to visit. Are you looking for something to do on a particular weekend? Or even let’s say on holiday? Paradise Lost is just perfect for you. I guess they didn’t just call it Paradise for no reason. Apart from being beautiful.

Paradise lost day trip is a fun day excursion to one of the most popular places near Nairobi to Paradise Lost amusement park.

The Paradise lost day trip is one of the most visited places in Nairobi, especially over the weekends.

The paradise lost is located some 10km from Nairobi inside a coffee plantation in Kiambu.

When you get there, you cannot help but wonder at the contrast between this hidden gem and the surrounding landscape. Perhaps the most popular attraction at Paradise Lost Kiambu Road is a labyrinth of caves eroded by the waters of the nearby Gichi River, with their entrance screened by a spectacular waterfall. These caves are estimated to be 2.5 million years old, based on obsidian rock artifacts from the late stone age that were discovered inside. Artificial lighting has been installed a few meters into the caves up to a large cavern within.

Boat riding and fishing on the small lake at Paradise Lost are also popular activities, especially on weekends when most city dwellers like to visit.

Other available activities include feeding ostriches, horse riding, camel riding, bird watching, picnic on the grounds around the lake, camping, or taking a walk on a nature trail on the property.

There are numerous activities offered here. They are all enjoyable and quite adventurous. They provide activities for both children and adults. Below is a list of activities they provide and the amount paid for each activity –

free Picnics-free

Boat riding-200 per person

Visiting the coffee farm

free Horse riding and camel riding

100 per person Nature trails

free Bird watching

free Cave tours

200 per person Bouncing castle

100 per person Face painting

The caves are the reason why most people go there. They are full of history especially among the locals apart from being very beautiful. What makes them that eye-pleasing must be the waterfall that is right at their entrance. You need to see this scene as soon as possible

The caves are believed to stretch from the park to Ngecha in Limuru, more than 20km away.
Mukami Kimathi, the widow of freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi, says she and others used to hide in the caves during the fight for independence.
She says that colonial authorities used the caves to torture Mau Mau freedom fighters.
It is said that the caves are unique in that they could be the only ones on the planet to run behind a waterfall.
Mr. Mugira says that fossils have been found in the caves, suggesting that the early man may have lived here.
“There definitely are other items in the caves which have not been found because the place has not been fully explored,” he says.
There are cultural sites and beautiful waterfall scenery for photography.
The caves have also proved to be ideal places for shooting movies.

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