Learn To Say NO, When its a No From Inside!!!!

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Good Evening Peeps…

10/07/2019 #27

Have you had a problem of saying no to anybody who comes to you on any sort of help they ask for or if they need anything from you ?? Well, I had the problem I could never say no to anyone because I was scared and the fear in me.

You see, I wanted people to like me. I would spend a lot more time in a conversation than I wanted because I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. I would say yes to things asked of me even though inside I was screaming no! I wanted to be seen as a good person. I was afraid that if I said no I was being a selfish jerk! If I was capable of helping someone, why wouldn’t I want to do that?!

What was wrong with me? Well, these thoughts over and over again led me to keep saying yes to so many things I barely had time to stop and think about myself, my own life, and what I wanted to experience. Not only did my gut take quite a beating, but I also started having some issues with anxiety.

I remember hearing a lecture that changed my course. During the talk, the teacher said if you don’t want to say yes to something, then don’t dishonor yourself. Say no without explanation. When you say no to someone it gives someone else in their life an opportunity to say yes.

News flash from my higher self to me! Just because someone asked for something didn’t mean I needed to say yes all of the time. Holy Crap! Revelation time! If I said no it meant someone else would be there to say yes!

From that moment on, little pieces of my personal journey started to come together. I started to say no to people when something they asked of me didn’t bring me joy. I gave myself permission to honor how I felt. Just because my datebook said I had time free, it didn’t mean I needed to fill it up saying yes to other people. I started saying no to things and actually had some time left unscheduled – so I began spending that time getting to know myself better.

I began journaling, inhaling spiritual books and lectures, meditating, chanting, and doing all kinds of things that felt amazing with my time. I found my energy starting to creep back into my day, my anxiety began to evaporate, and my body started to heal rapidly. The awful gut issues began to vanish as I took time for myself and truly gave myself permission to honor how I felt. Imagine that! My body began to heal itself as I began to honor myself Every thought and emotion we hold onto affects our bodies in one way or another. This is such a powerful concept to grasp when one is trying to heal their body. Our bodies are so wise. We are so wise. We signed up for this life to be the caretakers of our bodies and the creators of extraordinary lives. Often our bodies are reminding us that we are ripping ourselves off – that somehow we have forgotten about what really matters. Our choices matter. How we feel about things truly does matter.

What an awesome gift of awareness this is was for me and I know it will be for some of you as well!

One thing I learned after saying NO  to things I do not want or want to do is your circle starts becoming small why? Because they cannot take advantage of you anymore.

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Love all 

Mehul Sutar 

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