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Good evening peeps

23/05/2019 #23

Have you ever looked at the path you’ve chosen and questioned if your sacrifices have been worth it? If you’ve prioritized the “right” things, pursued worthy goals, and ultimately, made “good” choices?

Have you ever wondered if you’ll one day look back on your life and regret not only what you did, but also what you didn’t do, because maybe you’ll feel you wasted your time or somehow missed out on something important?

If you answered no to these questions, you’re my new hero. I admire anyone who lives with such presence they never question what they’re doing because they’re too busy living it.

I am often told that I have been very brave in sharing my life experiences and sharing every personal details on a public platform. and not always is brave sometimes am even told all sought of negative stuff and told off.

When I come to think of it, a smile rises . Not because I feel proud of being considered brave, but because I started this blog thinking someday somewhere this blog will make somebody strong and will make them feel in this life you got to keep moving no matter where life drops you with whatever challenges. To me, it is not an act of bravery, but a choice.

This blog is a mission, it holds much deeper meaning in my life than just telling the world what I went through, who I am, what am I made of and what life made me decide to do in my circumstances.

I sincerely wish that by sharing my life-story on a global platform, maybe someone, somewhere, someday will seek inspiration.

I’ve since realized the only person who can change my life is me. Through mindfulness practice, meditation, and coaching I began to understand that I’d gotten myself into my situation and I was the only one who could get myself out.

Everything in my life, regardless if I am to blame or not, is my responsibility.

We all have the power to change our situation. The first step is take responsibility for our lives and make conscious decisions to steer ourselves in a new direction.

In order to start small, you have to be willing to let go of any unrealistic expectations about what you should be able to accomplish.

This isn’t always easy to do. We live in a culture that promotes extraordinary natural talent as an indicator of worth, and celebrates “overnight success” as the ultimate sign of accomplishment.

But the truth is, even people with natural talent need to work hard to excel at their craft, and “overnight success” usually happens after months and years of work that no one knew to recognize, because it wasn’t public.

So let go of the idea that you should be anywhere other than where you are. Release yourself from the burden of believing your current skill level says anything about who you are as a person, or what’s possible for you.

Few things i have learned is ;

1. Stop comparing your struggle to anyone else’s.

2. Stop focusing on things that aren’t priorities.

3. Stop forcing yourself when you need to take it easy.

The good news is, as long as we’re still breathing, it’s never too late to change directions. If ever we recognize we’re not being the people we want to be or doing what we really want to do, we can take a new path, or even pave one where there is none.

At any time we can decide to rebuild our lives around what we value, live our own version of success, and create a life full of happiness and joys.

Thank you if you liked it kindly do comment, If you want me to share anything kindly do let me know.

Love all 

Mehul Sutar 

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