Rejection Is Not The End…

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02/05/2019 #20

Handling rejection is the most difficult aspect of today’s life. One of the reasons men and women hesitate from approaching is their own fear of being rejected. Everybody has gone through rejection in their life but rejection doesn’t mean it is the end of the world.

If I sit down to say how many times I have been rejected in my life I think we could spend the entire day or night. Yes it was tough for me to come out of all this but when you get a right partner or a friend who says “don’t worry mate something more exciting is waiting for you” Yes it does make you feel good thinking something big is waiting, But the person rejected knows how he or she is feeling and going through it internally.

Although rejection is subjective, you could decide to use the experience as an opportunity to contemplate your current behaviors and determine ways to grow and become a better person.

Whenever you are rejected just take it easy breath in and out and calm your self and nobody knows what you capable of and let that not hit you or bring you down.

Take some time for the thoughts that comes in you. But don’t get stuck in just thinking and dragging yourself down of self-doubt and negativity.

Instead, shift your focus to what you actually still have in your life. The people, the passions or hobbies, the sometimes taken for granted things like a roof over your head and that you don’t have to go hungry.

if you choose to hide under the covers and had not pursued the friendship, career, contest, or relationship, you wouldn’t have experienced rejection.

that means you would have completely not experienced life either.

Learn to see rejection as proof that you’re brave enough to take on risks and to participate in the wide real of experiences that comes in front of you Feel empowered by what you have accomplished.

The inner critic is the voice that whispers or drones on in your mind about how you’re not attractive enough, not smart or witty enough or perhaps that you’re unsuccessful in life. And that’s why you got rejected.

learn to talk to your self and learn to shut the inner voice of yours when it takes you on a negative side or when it tells you that you cannot do that. Laughing, Meditating is some of the therapy you can try and overcome the rejections.

never ever lose self-confidence when rejected
No one is going to say yes to a request you ask of them if you don’t believe in what you’re saying. 

Letting it all out and talking it over with a friend, partner can help you to release you’ve filled up emotions and to start seeing the situation with clear and sober eyes. But remember all are not your friends some are just there to bring you down or some friends or your closed ones are just using you because you are either getting to be famous or you are getting to your goals

Always remember your true people are those who stand with you in your toughest situations and not those who want to be with you when you have achieved everything.

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