Defination Of Perfect Relationship…

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When couples say they have a perfect relationship, how would you take that or what’s your say on that? I believe there is nothing like perfect relationship. Relationships always have ups and downs. If your relation is perfect without issues, then there is someone compromising and killing their feelings.

For me, a “perfect relationship” is built slowly. With small blocks of love, trust, respect and sometimes disappointments and arguments.

It’s not as simple as it looks, it takes time, commitment, patience, trust and faith in ourselves and our soulmate, the belief that we’ll be able to go through all of those tough times together. When one partner is going through a tough time the other partner should always be there for him or her which makes their bonding stronger and healthier.

There are disappointments from both sides, but then there is love and the urge to do it better the next time; arguments happen that may be small and on petty things most of the time but then there is respect of opinion and willingness to stay together. Sometimes when it becomes too much it’s better to take a break and just think about it rather than arguing over it every day.

And, at the end of the day, what happened doesn’t matter, what stays matters and this are the good memories.

A healthy relationship between two people is like separate lives coming together to share their lives to blend into one life. This happens because we are making decisions based only on how we feel instead of what we can build. To have a healthy love and healthy relation you need to consider, doing life with each other and not for each other.

I think when we get into a relationship, we start to control the other partner without even knowing it. We care about them so much and only want the best for them of course, but “the best” for them is usually what we believe is the best. Not always what they believe or want for themselves.

We all have our own definitions on what a good healthy life should look like, and it’s easy to put them on others when we’re in a relationship. It comes from care and concern but suddenly love is now lined with control. support, care, listen, communicate this are some of the major factors that always needs to be investigated, but allow your partner to be themselves and make their own choices. Of course, you can have opinions, but once you start ruling or taking over them, you are now pulling them out of their comfort and dragging into yours.

What does fire mean? Yes, attraction and chemistry and great sex sure, but at the end of the day fire means trust. Without trust, none of the above is possible. Trust is what keeps the couples warm. And like a fire, trust needs to be fanned and fueled to keep it going. This means consistency and trust is earned. Once you stop earning trust, the fire the bond, the chemistry between the couples will slowly die.

Many believe trust is built in because it’s been a certain amount of time or because you guys live together, or you exchanged vows. Trust is not a constant. Trust is not a light switch. Trust is like a fire.

Be it a parent-child relationship, a friendship between two people, or a couple… the key to a successful relationship is to build love and trust.

In a perfect relationship, there are no punching walls, throwing things, or calling each other wrong names or shaming them or raising hands, there is no attacking or blaming. Those are the kinds of behaviors that affect a relationship negatively on every level, and even the best couples wouldn’t be able to pretend like their relationship is great. Instead, they stay calm, talk things through, avoid saying or doing hurtful things, and come to a resolution in one way or the other. They communicate well, which means they share their opinions and listen to their partners without judgment.

The whole purpose of this blog was what actually is a perfect relation…The past couple of months I have been talking to quite a bit of couples who are going through a rough patch and I too went through a bit of rough patch with my loved one as well just the other week but at the end of the day how you handle it and make it better matters. Apologizing to your loved one doesn’t make you small even if you know it’s not your fault just say it and make it up and life will be amazing.

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Love all 

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