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20/03/2019 #14

When I and my wife welcomed the bundle of joy and began the journey of a lifetime, we did not realize how our roles will change as the year’s progress. Our life changed, and a new experience began. I used to be an outgoing person and a party animal. Is it just natural or is it just life or it’s the love for your kid that makes you be at home unless otherwise, you need to be out? My lifestyle changed and so did my friends.

Just recently we celebrated my sons 4th birthday and within no time he is growing up to be a big boy. For me he is my best friend my life my everything, I want to give him all the love all the happiness a child would either ask or seek for.

Not everyone is lucky to get fathers love or get attention from the parents. I never had much of bonding with my parents that much and I was a kid I used to miss that attention that I usually used to see my friends get from their parents and at times I used to end up crying alone and I still see such moments at times. But that is life and it does teach you how to live the hard way sometimes.

This experience was something I didn’t want my kid to face. Most of the weekends I prefer going out with my son spending time with him talking to him and it does really make me feel good.

I feel parents should raise their children within the limits and let the children decide their career. Some say parents should give full freedom to children in everything. If the parents are limiting the child, then unknowingly the parents are taking away the unlimited possibility and Life of the child. If the parents are giving all freedom to the child, then the child will mess up with everything and his Life will be designed according to permutations of the surrounding people and situations which are out of control. We as parents have a natural ability to guard our kids against mistakes that we foresee.

Why doesn’t anybody address Father/Son relationships? Whatever I have read or seen are actually on parents or single dad or mom. I have friends and married but I love the company of my son. Son one day when you are reading this please know I love you so much and you mean everything to me.

The lifestyle and trend have changed. Father/Son relationships are different today from what they were 30 or 40 years ago when our Dads were so strict with us and we could not really open up because of the fear but today’s world is very different. I would urge all the parents to at least listen to their children and look through their eyes on what they want to achieve in life and how they want to live their life as this is their only path of achieving their happiness and dreams.

With that all I would ask you all, what do you think, can a father and son be best friend ’s?

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Love all 

Mehul Sutar 

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