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28/01/2019 #6

Good Evening peeps,

There is no better time to live your heart’s passion than right now. When the nudge you feel is beginning to pull you in the direction of your life’s purpose and your inner wisdom is telling you to go; then trust and let go.

In today’s life , We all want to be successful. But success does not just come that easily.

Today, I have learned if I’m going to have the life that has been planned for me; I need the Universe to help me find it. 
Make the most of every moment because life can change in an instant. While the present moment may be uncomfortable, it is the only one that is guaranteed. Look beyond the present problem and find the moments that are worth enjoying.

One thing i have learnt and i would advice all of you to learn is learn to say NO,

I don’t want to forget what has been good for me and at the same time I don’t want to forget the bad moments or the bad things, I try to live fully in the present.

I’m starting to see that we each have to determine our own measurement of success and we each have to prioritise what makes us happy. Do what makes you proud of yourself, not because it’s what others would consider successful.  
But the thing is, you can’t change the past. And even if you could, changing it wouldn’t simply erase the bad stuff, it would affect the good stuff too.

When you are in a race of becoming something, When you are begging for fame and climbing high up , You will gain and at the same time you will loose. What i really mean by gain and loose at the same time is:

your friends will start thinking that you are avoiding them or just because you have started climbing the ladder of success you have started getting ego or attitude towards them,But in reality you are just working hard, struggling. Well you cannot keep the whole world happy, Their has to be some ups and downs which am totally okay with it.

Sometimes life will test you on how much burden, depression can you take, Well you have to believe in your self and not to give up.

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Love all 

Mehul Sutar 

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