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25/01/2019 #5

When it comes to traveling, some people pick their destinations according to their secret passions such as food, hiking, photography, etc.

Today am going to talk about my recent travel, small town in the heart of kenya called nyeri.

i would say this was one of the best journey i had with my family and friends.The place we stayed in was called GIRAFFE ARK which is few kilometers from Nyeri town few hours from Nairobi.
We headed out early that morning. It was a 3 to 4 hours’ drive to the Giraffe Ark. I couldn’t wait to get there and actually see the place , As what i had seen in the pictures i could not believe something like this would exit in Kenya . I cant remember the last time i was this excited about a trip.

Ever-changing landscapes defined the beauty of where we were headed to.The landscapes the hills were just to another level, The road was amazing for a long drive not much of traffic and smooth drive as the road conditions were top class.

We reached our destination around lunch time, We were welcomed with so much of love welcome juice and the atmosphere was totally amazing for the whole crew.

Just to give you all a glimpse of how the reception looks like , The picture above gives a very good answer what we all felt.Upon check in to the rooms we headed straight for lunch, We had informed them about we being all vegetarians and the food that was prepared oh my god !!!! delicious…yummy and finger licking.

The thing i really liked about the place is just after having lunch the chef came to us and asked us what we wanted to eat for dinner.Basically no fixed menu any delicious dish you want to have they make it for you and we were actually allowed to go in their kitchen to see how the meal was being made.

A very surprising thing that i got from them that i have never seen in any destinations i have been is they offered games in the room and the games included Play station,monopoly , chess , cards and many more which was such a plus point.

Their rooms were so neat and spacious.One thing when ever i travel i look into is the bathroom.There bathrooms were amazing with tub and hot shower their was no room for any complaints.

If you planning to go with your kids , You will not go wrong at all with their big play ground horse ridings, swimming pool evrything was up to the standard.Some of the photos i have shared.

If you are wondering who that small kid is , Well he is my son and he had the best time of his life as well.B

Well many times when we are planning a trip we always thing of budget how much will it cost and much more.I was very much surprised at their cost of full board. Their prices are very cost friendly and affordable.

One really amazing picture i took and i wanted to share it with you all, You will just know when i say it was beautiful felt like paradise then see the picture below.

This was sunrise breakfast, With the view of mount Kenya as well if you are lucky enough and the weather is clear. Well i think everything was top class from welcoming to room cleaning to the waiters to the food and to the environment 10/10 i would give.

Well i would advice to all if anyone is looking for a peacfull holiday Giraffe ark is the place to be.

Thank you if you liked it kindly do comment, If you want me to share anything kindly do let me know.

Love all 

Mehul Sutar 

INSTA @ mehul sutar.

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