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Good Evening Peeps,

22/01/2019 #04

Success is always within your reach, even if it might feel far away,

That’s what i believe.

I am so much overwhelmed with the emails phones and messages regarding the blogs.

I never thought the outcome will be all this.I know i have been saying the same thing in my blogs but once again thank you much for the love.


First line of the blog says success is always within your reach , even if it might feel far away,

Many of us feel success is not for everyone , if we are born lucky then will be successful otherwise we will not be,

well i totally disagree with that ,  success is not measured by where you are born or which family you are born in , its measured by how much you are willing to sacrifice work hard and not to give up.

I got couple of emails saying where should we start from how do we achieve it ??

Well let me define my self on how life can be on what you should be expecting,

When i started emcee i had no idea where to start from or who to approach???? I had no clear vision on where am going to end up , all i knew was i do not want to give up and i want to keep the spirit going. There came time where i felt i nearly gave up, I was filling like i have failed in everything and i cant do anything. But then i looked at my son who calls me his hero, And i decided come rain come sun shine i will not give up.

I am not saying i am famous or i have achieved what i wanted and am a celebrity no, This is the SINGLE STEP TO A LONG JOURNEY. I have got so much of rejections ,I have been told all sought and types of words of being a failure , i was once told am way too dark and i cannot be an emcee it doesn’t suit me.

In beginning yes it used to affect me so much, I never got support from my Family and nor my friends very few friends and few family members, where i can literally say 2 or 3, who believed in me and told me yes you can do it. They always used to encourage me and told me do not listen to what others have to say go ahead and just do it!!!!!!

One thing i have learned is never compare your self to anybody, whether its at work or social media who are in the same field as you. All i know is i need to know one thing and that is , Where i was yesterday ? Where i am today ? Knowing your personal progress will show you that your on the way to success, Without comparing your efforts to anyone else’s.

You’re working hard, but you do not see any fruits of your labor — what gives? The truth is, success won’t come to you overnight unless you’re extremely lucky.

So, put your head down and keep working hard, aligning your steps with a more realistic timeline. It’s helpful to keep in mind that your efforts will pay off, but don’t expect an instant victory.

I often talk to my self and often sit alone for hours , That does not mean am having any mental issues. Sometimes talking to your own self is the best therapy i could suggest and this is my suggestion only lol it doesn’t say any where in the books.

Thank you if you liked it kindly do comment, If you want me to share anything kindly do let me know.

Love all 

Mehul Sutar 

INSTA @ mehul sutar.

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TWITTER @ sutar_mehul 

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